Sunnyville Trailer Court and Hot Springs Resort  




Early/Late check-in fee by appointment only: $10/hr outside of check-in time.


Late check-out fee: $10 per hour beyond 11 am. After 1 pm an additional nightly rate applies. To preserve everyone’s early morning peace, morning RV checkouts ARE NOT ALLOWED before 8 am.


All Guests must agree to Sunnyville Rules and Liability Waiver.

Any violation of our rules will result in your REMOVAL from Sunnyville, as a trespasser, with no refund.

QUIET HOURS: 11 PM-8 AM: No loud music/televisions, slamming doors, loud talking, or a dog barking. If you violate quiet hours you’ll be given one warning before being removed from the property as a trespasser, without a refund.   

1-STRIKE RULE: Any violations of our rules or policies, or any guest behavior that is deemed by management to be detrimental to the enjoyment of other guests, will result in a one-time warning by our staff. If we receive a second complaint about your behavior or if we notice another violation, you will be immediately removed from the park as a trespasser and you will not get a refund.  At all times and in all cases Sunnyville staff has absolute authority to remove any guest who violates our rules or in any way exhibits behavior that bothers other guests.

HOT TUB USE: Hot tubs are for use only by paid guests. No additional guests are permitted on the property unless they pay the limited daily use fee. We have two private outdoor tubs for up to 2 people each, and one large round common-area tub for up to 4 people. Tub usage is limited to 1 hour at a time with no more than 2 soaks per person per day. Tubs must be drained after use and all personal items must be removed. We request that you wear bathing suits in the round tub and lounge area. Private tubs are clothing optional.

VEHICLES AND PARKING: The front gate of the property is kept closed and locked except for when RV guests are arriving/departing. Customers of our nightly rental units such as Queens’ Landing Safari Tent are not permitted to bring their vehicles into the property. We allow one camper-trailer/motorhome per site. Once your RV is in place any additional car, tow vehicle, trailer or UTVS/motorcycles must be parked in designated street-side parking along Foch or Van Patten. We have a high-capacity 4-wheel dump-cart guests can use to haul things like water, propane, firewood, groceries or trash to/from your RV site.


NUMBER OF GUESTS: Our daily RV rate is for up to 2 adults per site, parties larger than 2 are not allowed. No children under 18 allowed.


VISITORS: Each RV/AirBnB site can invite up to two visitors to enjoy Sunnyville between the hours of 3 pm and 11 pm. The Visitor fee is $25 per person per 2 hour period of time on the property, with 1 hour of tub use. Visitors must register with Management, sign our Rules and Waiver Agreement and pay the Visitor fee.


OPEN FIRES: No open fires at RV sites. The fireplace in the hot tub lounge area may be used by guests. Firewood bundles are available for purchase. All fires must be extinguished before leaving the area. Do not burn trash.


FIREWORKS/FIREARMS: No fireworks or firearms permitted in the park.


CLOTHESLINES: Please use towel racks in your campsite. We do not permit the use of clotheslines between sites.

PETS: Pets are NOT allowed in any of our overnight rental units such as Queens’ Landing Safari Tent. RV guests must keep any cats inside their RV at all times. One dog per RV site is allowed only after a $100 cash “behavior” deposit is paid.

Dogs must be kept quiet, leashed, cleaned up after and kept IN YOUR RV SITE AREA AT ALL TIMES. Dogs are NEVER allowed in the hot tub rooms, lounge area or bathrooms. If your dog disturbs any other guests or breaks any of our rules you will be given one warning. If another disturbance happens you will be immediately removed (no warning) from the property as a trespasser, without a refund of your deposit or your RV site fees.

Owners of uncontrolled, barking dogs will be given one warning before being asked to leave immediately. Do not leave the park with pets unattended. Pets are not allowed in any facilities outside of your RV site area.

UPDATE: Due to COVID 19 we closed our restrooms until further notice.

RESTROOMS AND SHOWERS: We have two full bathrooms with showers available for the exclusive use of our guests and paying visitors. We clean them regularly, but it does help when you clean up after yourself.

GARBAGE AND LITTER: All trash must be deposited in the metal trash cans on-site, or in the dumpster in the alley next to the park.

SEWER HOSES AND WATER HOSES: All sewer hoses must have a tight-fitting elbow with a secure connection to the ground. Loose sewer hoses are not to be stuck down the sewer pipe. All water hoses need to be leak-free, we are in the desert after all.

GENERATORS: We do not allow the use of generators in the park. We have full hook-ups for your convenience.

SMOKING: We do NOT permit smoking in common areas of the resort, including the hot tub/lounge area, or any of our facilities outside of your RV site. A $10 fee will be charged if you leave cigarette butts in your site.

WORKING ON VEHICLES/CAMPERS: We do not allow Mechanical work, changing of oil or washing of RV exteriors.

RV APPEARANCE: We welcome vintage RVs and creative “tiny houses.” However, it is the express right of the Park management to refuse service to any RV which, in the opinion of management, is not in conformance with the overall level of quality and appearance of the park.